Anxiety Stopping Exercises

Hey guys, John here.

I’ve always wanted to know how to cure anxiety. And if you’re like me – you probably do too. I’m going to give you some anxiety stopping tips that can give you a small boost whenever you feel that tightening feeling in the pit of your stomach and when the mind starts racing.  Ready? Good, here goes…

I call this technique the “Stop, Breathe, Check, Refocus” technique (SBCR). Basically it’s how it sounds. When you experience a panic attack or the onset of anxiety, you immediately tend to stop being functional – this is because your mind is too busy processing a “perceived threat” that may or may not actually be real.  Here’s the thing though… regardless of whether the threat is real or imagined, you’re not doing yourself (or anyone in your care) any favors by being frozen like a “dear in the head lights”.  Especially in a case where the threat may be real, you’ll need all your faculties in order to get to safety. So this technique will help you get from panic to calm in the shortest amount of time.  Here’s how it works…

At the onset of a panic or anxiety attack:

a)      Try to STOP the mental process you’re engaged in (because it’s most probably fear based which may cause you to think irrationally).

b)      Take 10 deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth.  We generally tend to take shorter and shallower breaths when in a state of panic which depletes the brain of much needed oxygen during a state of emergency.  This in turn leads to a lack of oxygenated blood required by the muscles in order to execute a “fight or flight” response (the worst case scenario in a real emergency would be your inability to either fight your way out of a situation or run away – being stuck or frozen is a sure-fire recipe for disaster).

c)      CHECK (in a rational manner) to see whether the “perceived threat” is actually imminent or going to happen, or whether it’s just one of many possibilities.  Ask yourself questions like “is this threat definitely going to happen right now?”; “if yes, do I know exactly what I’m going to do to avoid or minimize the damage?”; “if no, do I realize that there are other things that could happen instead and those things might not be as bad?” and so on.  The idea here is to do a REALITY CHECK and try to “talk yourself down” in a positive and affirming manner from what in many cases may just be an imagined outcome.

d)      Once you have cleared your mind and taken a few deep breaths, you’ll be in a better position to REFOCUS on the task at hand, whether it’s just getting on with a mundane every day task or actually reacting to an emergency situation.  In most cases you’ll find that doing this exercise will help you regain composure very quickly – some people have told me that they actually started laughing at themselves when they realized how trivial their “perceived threat” seemed during the CHECK stage of the exercise.


I hope you’ll give the SBCR technique a try next time you feel the onset of an anxiety or panic attack, it’s one of the techniques I’ve used in order to get from “fear to clear” in a few hairy situations and I’m sure it will help you to.

This is just one of a number of exercises that can help you stop anxiety in certain instances. If you want to know how I cured my anxiety completely keep reading my blog as I share with you the exact program that helped me out.

Please leave a comment and let me know how these tips helped you! Thanks!

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How To Cure Anxiety – My Story

Hey everyone.

My name is John Saxon and I’ve created this blog around how to cure anxiety.

As a former law enforcement officer working under cover with organized crime syndicates and drug cartels for 12 years, the job eventually started taking a toll on me.  I found it difficult to sleep, I was constantly in a state of heightened awareness (paranoia) and this translated into an uncomfortable lifestyle for my family who not only had to watch me go through the agonizing panic attacks, but they also ended up suffering mild attacks themselves every time I would prepare to go to work.  It wasn’t pretty to say the least.

If you’re wondering whether there really is a cure for anxiety, then you’re definitely at the right place. I’ve scoured high and low, both online and off to find the absolute best ways to stop anxiety fast.

And I didn’t just read about them, I tested them – on myself. So I know that these anxiety cures work. I’ve also helped a few friends of mine put a stop to anxiety in their lives and a some of them have had better results than me!

There are many reasons why someone would want to be able to cure anxiety – Being able to drive or fly without fear is one of them. Getting a handle on anxiety can give you a HUGE advantage in pretty much any stressful situation, and since we will all eventually face a dangerous situation at some point in our lives, I think it’s a vital part of being able to just make it through the day. Another reason is just to be able to think and act clearly and with purpose when others need our help which is always good if you’re a parent, a teacher or anyone in a role of service to others.

So that’s it for now. Check back later and I plan to reveal a few secrets to living with clear and calm confidence.

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